Lycra Fabric

The 5+ lbs. of lycra remnant fabric that I bought over ebay arrived yesterday afternoon:

There were only a few pieces that I didn’t care too much for and one piece that was seamed together (so I’m not so sure how much is salvageable, maybe for a small bikini), but overall, I got a great batch of fabrics – and cheap! I think this ought to tide me over for awhile.

4 thoughts on “Lycra Fabric

  1. cmarie12

    Try storing the lycra in one of those small plastic carts from WalMart. Then you could store fabric for swimsuits in on or two drawers, notions to make the swimsuits in another drawer and pattern and any inspiration patterns in another. You could roll the cart around with you as you worked. Just a thought! Can’t wait to see the swimsuits! Tres kewl!

  2. stacy

    That’s a good idea! I like keeping the notions stored with them since I won’t be using them for anything else.

  3. sweeta

    I almost ordered a box like that from I think it was Big 4, I could be wrong since I am insanly tired. Anyway I wanted to know round bout what they would contain, so thank you for the pic! I ordered a light blue floral from them and have made rash gaurds or I call them swim tees, (4) for me and others. I’ll post them on PR after I figure out how to down size my pic’s, hate to have people unhappy about my obnoxiously large photo’s, heaven forbid me in a swimsuit, to boot. Can’t wait to see yours! Good luck!

  4. stacy

    Big 4 is who is selling the lycra bags. Somewhere on one of their listings they showed all the fabric they have in their warehouse – WOW! Now that’s a lot of lycra.
    I’m looking forward to your review on PR!

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