Monthly Archives: May 2006


Why is it that when your not thinking about something in particular, you wind up remembering what it is you forgot or suddenly an idea comes to you – or in my situation, you finally understand how to make that Burda World of Fashion halter dress?

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Pointy Kitties

Well, we’re back from out of town for my brother-in-law’s high school graduation (Congratulations Nick!) and I’m just itching to get some sewing done. I’ve decided to put the Burda WOF dress on hold for now, maybe by the time I’m ready to start it again, I’ll have sorted out the directions.

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Dresses, Patrones, and Misc. Ramblings

Before I start this entry, I’ll start off by saying, I got another Patrones magazine – the May “joven” issue. This time I purchased it off of Ebay, but by the same seller Stoff Art. If you’ve been wanting to check this magazine out, head on over to Ebay – they only have 5 more left!
Since Taylor had a fishing tournament this morning, I had plenty of time to (finally) start on my Burda WOF dress. I think I’m glad that I waited to start on this one because I’m having a horrible time understanding the instructions. Either this dress is going to turn out absolutely adorabe or it’s going to end up a wadder. Before I put it aside, I only got the darts sewn, the facing pinned and the collar sewn (but, not attached).

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Field Day

My daughter’s school had (another) field day today. Since the orginal date was rained out (and very cold), today was the make up date – it was a whopping 97 degrees (and rising). So since no sewing was accomplished, I’ll share a picture of my daughter with her ribbon:

Burda Halter Dress

I started cutting my fabric out for the Burda World of Fashion halter dress. I had to really press the stretch poplin material before I did anything else with it – I had no idea how wrinkly it would get (or maybe because I left it sitting in the dryer for days?). For those who are interested, I’ve posted a picture of the pattern on the sidebar. I’m hoping to complete it before the weekend. However, considering how my week looks, I may either be staying up really late working on it, or it will still be unfinished by Sunday’s graduation (where I intended on wearing it).

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One Suit Down

Well, I managed to finish up Taylor’s swimsuit today (the completed suit is now on the project sidebar). I can’t believe how easy it is to create swimsuts (and how stores can charge so much for them)! Taylor is also thrilled with the whole suit now that it’s finished. Even the shorts. I had to force her to take it off so that I could take a completed project photo.

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