Monthly Archives: May 2006

Sewing Lesson Part 2

Taylor started on the actual construction of her pajama pants. First we took some scraps of fabric and practiced sewing straight lines. I also marked off the 5/8″ line on the sewing machine with some masking tape so it was easier to see where she needed to keep the fabric.

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Sewing Lesson #1

Today we got started on Taylor’s sewing project. We washed the fabric and Taylor ironed it – she loved ironing! That’s wonderful news because I absolutely detest ironing. It probably stems back from my childhood and my mom making me iron just about everthing (even t-shirts).
Then we cut the pattern out (3 pieces), pinned it to the fabric, and then I let her cut out the fabric by herself.

Now, it’s break time!

I Caved

Well, I did it. I made another purchase from Fabric Mart. I really did a good job holding off buying anything more from them (although, I have used up a lot of the fabrics that I’ve purchased from them – the buttons, I’ll be passing along to grandchildren), until now.

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Before you ask, yes, I’m being a bit goofy by having a title all in acronyms! Actually, Taylor and I ventured out this afternoon in an attempt to find some shorts that fit – and we came home empty handed.

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Summer Is Here, Already?

Believe it or not, today is my daughter’s last day of school! I have no idea where the year went, but it sure did go by fast! Today was mostly spent running errands (Taylor’s birthday is in a few weeks), cleaning house (this will probably be the cleanest my house gets all summer long), and tracing off my Amy Butler Cabo halter. I still haven’t decided what fabric that I’m going to use – it’s a toss up between a Fabric Mart bundle print or some sort of stretch print that I have in my stash. I haven’t seen anyone make this up in a stretch so I’m sort of shying away from that idea. I wonder if I could eliminate the zipper that way? HUMMMMM?