Shopping The Pattern Stash

I’m feeling pretty good toningt – instead of scouring the internet for a new pattern to use for one of my Emma One Sock fabrics (she’s got new ones out today, I refreained from ordering more), I went to my Burda World of Fashions instead. So far everything I’ve found is a tank and I think that I would like something with a cap sleeve. I guess tomorrow I’ll go back through and see what strikes me. Now if I could get in the right frame of mind to trace these patterns off!
UPDATE: Well now I’m just stuck as to what project I should start next. I have so much pretty fabric and so many patterns picked out I don’t know what I should cut into. Should it be the Jalie T with the Moulin Rouge Fabric? The Jalie Cross-over top with the faces print and contrasting bands? Or a Burda tank with onionskin? I’m wishing May Burda would arrive today so I could get a closer look at this top – I’m thinking that the Tahitian Tatoo would look great made into this!