My Tighty Whities

It’s not very often that I decide to make all the patterns included in an envelope. With Jalie 2568 (camisole & panties), I thought that it might be a good idea to test them all out and see what I think of each style. I used an absolutely wonderful cottonlycra jersey in white for everything (except for the Brazilian hipster which requires 6″ lace or larger). Yes, it’s boring, but you can never have too many pairs of white underwear, especially after Easter, when you can wear white pants whenever you want. Plus the fabric feels so good next to my skin.

The easiest pair to make was the Brazilian hipster:

I think that including cutting time, this whole pair of underwear went together in under 10 minutes. They remind me of the kind sold at Victoria Secret – but, my version cost me $1.80. They look cute on, the lace is very soft, but I’m not sure that these are going to be the most comfortable pair of the bunch. I guess I’ll have to test them out and see what I think though.
The next pair I made was the hipster:

I actually had to remake these as I originally traced the pattern wrong – OOPS! Once I figured out my mistake, these went together easily. The instructions said that you could leave out the elastic on the legs, so I did. We’ll see if this creates creeping undies or not. Otherwise, these fit great!
My favorite is the bikini style:

These are probably my favorite pair of the bunch. They fit great, feel great, and look cute even though they’re just in a boring white.
Lastly, I made the camisole:

I also love this camisole – it fits fabulous and is really unique looking since the front has lace and the back and arms call for picot elastic. I think that this pattern has lots of possibilities for either pajama tops or wearing under shirts this summer.
Overall, this is a great pattern. Definately worth the money as I am planning on using this over and over again!

4 thoughts on “My Tighty Whities

  1. Lori

    Finding a great pair of undies is not always easy without having to spending a fortune. I think I’ll have to try making some. Very nice.

  2. Kathy

    You have inspired me to get this pattern and make a bunch of undies for myself and my two teenage daughters. They love Victoria’s Secret. I love it too, but now the prices.

  3. stacy

    Now we need to find a source for cute underwear fabrics like the kind Victoria Secret carries! If anyone finds some, let me know, I may never have to shop again!

  4. Alexandra

    acaporale at herot dot com
    I LOVE Jalie patterns! I discovered them a year ago and they have such nice things! I’m making the ballet leotard for myself, and the underwear is definitely nice-looking. I always make my own underwear out of certain swimsuit patterns I like best…maybe I’ll splurge on a Jalie pattern one of these days.

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