Another T-Shirt Make Over

One of the reasons that I purchased Tease : Inspired T-shirt Transformations by Superstars of Art, Craft, and Design was for the button down t-shirt instructions (which are incredibly easy). And today, I finished my version!

So, for this shirt, I rummaged through my t-shirt pile and came up pretty much empty handed. Either my t-shirts weren’t ‘cool’ enough, too blah, or were so HUGE (every old concert t-shirt that I own) I would have to use my Pamela’s Patterns Makeover pattern to resize the shirt, then make it over again with the button down collar. So, I wound up picking up a $5 t-shirt from Walmart to reconstruct and one of my dad’s old shirts. I also ripped apart the finished edges of the bottom and cuffs – I think this will give it a more distressed look after I wash it.
Some suggestions that I would make if you’re considering making this shirt: 1) Don’t use a brown t-shirt. I feel like an Hardee’s employee when I put this on, 2) Make sure that the collar of the shirt you’re using isn’t too big. I would have preferred a smaller collar or one with some buttons that I could tack down, 3) Try to soften up the collar area before you make this shirt. My dad always liked very starchy shirts and this one is VERY stiff – It’s hard to get this collar to lay down where I want it. 4) If you’re using a shirt with a design, make sure that you’re design is big enough that when you add the button placket, your it isn’t lost!

5 thoughts on “Another T-Shirt Make Over

  1. cmarie12

    This is such a kewl top! It would look great over a pair of jeans or capris. You are making a great SAHM wardrobe! I will have to look for a copy of this book. My DD would love it!

  2. stacy

    Thanks! This is definately a fun book and a nice departure from my typical sewing.

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