Giving It Another Go

I decided now that my jacket is complete, I need to focus back onto my Burda Easy Fashion magazine. I would really like for the tunic top to work out, so this time I traced the smallest size (last time I made the 36) and am eliminating the seam allowances. I’ll be making another muslin to test this out!

If I can get this pattern to work, then I’m planning on doing these pants in linen.
I also saw that Emma One Sock is getting more buttermilks in this weekend! I’m going to have to sift through my Burda Wold of Fashion magazine to look for more top ideas.

2 thoughts on “Giving It Another Go

  1. stacy

    If you go to the “Sewing Guides” section of the site, she gives lots of tips on how to sew fabrics, pretreatment and descriptions of her fabrics. Here’s what she said about buttermilks:
    “If you

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