Cleaning, Shopping, and Jelly Yarn

I find that when I sew up a storm, I neglect housework. Consequently, I spent the day catching up on cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. To reward myself for all my hard work, I stopped by a few fabric stores.

Joann’s had nothing I particularly wanted – I’ve made a shopping list for their sale on Friday (all notions and a few Vogue patterns). I did leave with several yards of pattern ease. I’ve been doing so much tracing patterns off, I’m reduced to scraps. I also visited a local quilt shop. She had in some Amy Butler fabrics, but since I’ve seen her new fabric designs, I’m not quite as fond of some of her current ones. No patterns either, drat.
I’m putting some serious thought into purchasing a 5 lb. bag of swimwear ‘remnants’. I figure 1/4 to 1 yard cuts should be plenty enough to make suits for Taylor and I this summer. Has anyone done this before and how did it work for you?
I still haven’t purchased any Jelly Yarn. I’ve done a bit more research into it and it seems like most people have had pretty good success knitting it. A lot of people have eliminated using the Armor All to grease the needles and have used Pam spray instead. I like that idea better. I also found a set of instructions to make a Jelly Yarn purse!

8 thoughts on “Cleaning, Shopping, and Jelly Yarn

  1. suzq

    I’m suprised you didn’t stalk FM to reward youself. 🙂 I have the silk chiffon crinkle, shirting bundle, etc. in my shopping cart, but can’t justify myself on buying more fabric.

  2. Stacy

    I did – I put the silk bundle and the shirting bundle in a cart and then left….oh, it’s so tempting!
    What do you plan on making with the crinkle? They look so pretty on the site, I’m just at a loss how I would use them.

  3. suzq

    I spent some time googling “silk chiffon crinkle” images and found many beautiful tops/dresses made of this stuff. If I get some beautiful colors, I’ll make tops; otherwise, will use for cami or something to line the silk/chiffon I already have. I prefer the crinkle because I like the texture. Gosh, it looks like I have to buy them. 🙁

  4. stacy

    Thanks for the link – I found so many cute tops. I may have to rethink those bundles now!
    Which brings me to my next question, how hard is this fabric to sew?

  5. suzq

    I have never sewn a silk chiffon crinkle. Only poly chiffon which I french seamed all the way. But I’m going to worry about it because I have a ‘think tank’ at PR and SW. 🙂
    It’s out of greed, not necessity, if I buy any more fabric. But I keep thinking about the fabric that I can’t concentrate on my work. That’s bad. So, this will be my last FM order. Now, I need to decide what to buy. Just crinkle + shirting, or crinkle + shirting + black + misc + free?

  6. stacy

    Well, if this is going to be your last FM purchase for awhile, then I say get enough to get the free bundle! And definately get the black bundle, I think it’s definately worth it.

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