I Cheated….

Well, I really just got lazy. I spent the rest of the morning working on the sleeves and decided that I really, really didn’t want to make my own bias binding. I did that for my original Hot Patterns Wrapture Jacket and while it looked good, it was quite a bit of work. I was also afraid that the twill I was using would create too much bulk. So, I broke down and purcsed a package of bias tape. Several hours later I had completed my Anthropologie Geranium Sweater Jacket look-alike!

I’m going to post a full review over at Pattern Review tonight – I’ll post a link incase anyone wants further information on how to make this jacket.

UPDATE I posted a review of the pattern on PR tonight. Here’s a link with more info on the changes I made to the jacket.

Project Details:

Inspiration: Anthropologie’s Sweater Jacket

Pattern: Simplicity 4230 (View A modified)

Jacket: Red and White floral stretch twill from Hancock Fabrics

Red stretch twill from Joann Fabrics

Inspriation list price……..$118.00

Materials & Cost:
Pattern……..$ .99


5 thoughts on “I Cheated….

  1. Amy

    I just realized you were posing like the Anthropologie picture! And you have the same jeans and dark cami underneath! How funny! As I said on your post on PR–great job!

  2. Joi

    Looks GREAT! I’m about to attempt a jacket, and we’ll see how it goes… i think i will try to make a muslin first. i’ve never set a sleeve before so im a little nervous about that…

  3. Stacy

    Amy – I felt a bit dorky about posing the same as the picture, but I thought it was a good idea originally – it did give DH a chuckle.
    Joi – Good luck on your jacket. You’ll do great on sleeves, just baste (and ease if necessary) your sleeves first and it will all come together.

  4. cmarie12

    I love the jacket! You did such a wonderful job. Even my DD who sews was so impressed that you knocked off the Anthropolgie jacket. But I especially love the cost ~ great job!

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