Jacket Progress

In between shooting BB guns and Taylor’s softball practice (in 90 degree temps!), I managed to get in a bit of sewing time. It seems like I’m making slow, but steady progress on this jacket. Today I finished the banding and attached it to the jacket:

I wound up cutting out the section of the jacket where I wanted the banding to go. I think that it gives it a more finished appearance. The banding does make the jacket a bit stiff – I think that it’s mostly because I didn’t trim the seam allowanc. I’m going to have to see if I can do this before I go any further.
I also attached the facing to the jacket. Now I have the sleeves (more bands on the sleeves), the binding (which I am dreading) and a buttonhole to go.

2 thoughts on “Jacket Progress

  1. Amy

    Lookin good! I think it was probably a wise decision to cut the jacket apart where you wanted the banding to go. Doing it the way you did it though allowed you to place it right where you wanted it, rather than trying to figure it out while cutting out the red floral fabric. Probably a lot easier! Good work!

  2. stacy

    Thanks! I had a little cut anxiety right before I added that banding – I kept thinking “if I screw this up, this project is a wadder!”

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