I Love Close-Ups

My jacket fabric has been cut! Thankfully Anthropologie has that zoom feature on all their clothing, so I’ve been closely studing the sleeves and the red band around the jacket midsection. I finally decided that for both of these areas, I’m going to made strips of fabric and sew them together to give it the layered, ‘ribbed’ look.

While I was picking up jacket notions (thread, interfacing, etc.), I stopped by Needle Nook Fabrics. This is a store that specializes in stretch fabrics and lingerie supplies (they have lots of classes too). I got some wonderful white cotton, lycra jersey and stretch laces for Jalie 2568. I managed to trace this pattern out, wash the fabrics, and cut everything out. I’m hoping that this pattern will produce the perfect pair of panties!

6 thoughts on “I Love Close-Ups

  1. Amy

    I can’t wait to hear the continued progress on this jacket. I think it is a great looking piece, and should be lots of fun to “knockoff”. Fun, fun!

  2. Amy

    Just had to write! I’ve been purusing the Anthropology site while looking at your sweater jacket. I’ve always been entranced by the Regatta Dress–the red and white striped one. Today on Martha, Ashley Judd is wearing it! When she walked out, I couldn’t believe it–I ran to the website and popped up the dress, and yet, a perfect match! How funny! Just thought you might appreciate it since you obviously like that website!

  3. stacy

    I can completely see Ashley Judd wearing this dress. She’s so darn cute. Thanks, Amy. I’ll have to search around on the web and see if I can’t find a photo of her in it!
    Yes, I love that site. I wish we had a physical store near me. Consequently, I just visit Anthropologie online (frequently).
    Thanks again!

  4. cmarie12

    I am so jealous! I can’t believe you live within driving distance of Anne’s store! The next time you are in and see Anne tell her Carolyn from the Sewing Circle says hi!

  5. Stacy

    Carolyn – She’s actually my neighbor too. She lives 3 doors down and across the street. I wish I knew her better, there’s been a few times that I’ve wanted to knock on her door and ask for advice! LOL

  6. Bernadette

    Hi- I just found your site when I googled the Anthropologie Regatta dress recently! I have that dress now! I had to wait weeks for it – the stores were all sold out and it was back-ordered on-line.
    It IS cute – but not yet on me! I ordered a size larger than my current one, having been warned that the dress is cut small. Well, I should have tried TWO sizes larger! The INSIDE measurements of this dress are as small as the body measurements on their size chart. NO ease – at all! That’s just wrong.
    Also, the side zipper ends just about two inches below the waist -I cannot get the dress over my hips and can get it over my shoulders only by holding my arms straight up.
    And there is no way to alter this dress. It’s dense with seams, bones, etc.
    It makes me wonder if the designer somehow “forgot” that when you add boning, a cotton lining, lots of gathers at the waist, and many seams, you use up a lot of room – room that was supposed to be there so the wearer could BREATHE!
    The funny thing is that the fabric itself is a stretch cotton/lycra. But with a cotton lining and stitched gathers, the tiny bit of stretch is lost.
    So, I am motivated have to lose the 8 pounds I gained since last Fall when I stopped treadmilling regularly. All my clothes are feeling tighter. The dress will be my reward for doing the cardio again. Hopefully it will fit better before summer is over!
    (I could just return the dress to the local store or sell it, at a profit, on e-bay! But I fell in love with the dress so I will probably keep it.)
    If anyone wants to try to make a similar dress, it could be done without all the fancy seaming, etc. – Just make a boned strapless, or unboned sundress with straps, of a nice striped fabric and then add additional striped bands over it and sew into place, taking darts where needed to fit around your body. Good luck.

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