I Had A Dream

I had a really weird dream last night and in it, I was making my wrap dress (seriously!). I thought that was a sign that I should start on this pattern today.

So, I traced the pattern and started cutting into my fabric. After cutting a few pieces, I realized that this fabric is WAY too busy for me. It might not be so bad, but the design is too small and you’ve got it going in several different directions. I think that the whole wrap look would be lost in this fabric. Without any new fabric to cut into, I decided to focus on my Ready To Wear knockoff – the Anthropologie inspired Sea Bee Capris and Geranium Sweater Jacket.
I got the capris cut and mangaged to just barely squeeze out enough fabric for this pattern. I think that the denim must have shrunk quite a bit when I washed them. I also cut the pattern out for the jacket. I’ve been mentally preparing how I’m going to make this one – I think the best thing to do with the wide red band in the middle is to directly place it on top of the jacket instead of cutting the pattern apart and inserting it. I’m going to set it aside for the night and think about it some more.