Tunic Muslin

After reading a bit on Pattern Review about some of the tops in Burda Easy Fashion, I thought that I had better make a muslin for the Tunic Top before I cut into my pretty Emma One Sock onionskin. Good thing I did, here’s my results:

Since the onionskin fabric has stretch, I eliminated the zipper. As you can tell from the picture, this top is entirely too large. Not only does this top create a droopy boob look, but the neckline is huge, as well as the sides, etc. In short, this top is too big and just looks horrible on me. I don’t feel like playing with this pattern at the moment, but I’m considering going down two sizes if I try this out again.
I also like the shorts the model is wearing in this view too. I tried on a pair of cargo bermudas at Old Navy the other day (they remind me of the Burda pattern) and I realized, you might as well call me Frodo because I look like a hobbit in them. I’m gathering that bermudas are made for taller people than I, or else everyone is going to look as dorky as I did this summer when they are wearing these shorts. Needless to say, I’m crossing this project off my list until I see someone else review this pattern.

2 thoughts on “Tunic Muslin

  1. Amy

    Hey, that fabric for your muslin try was cute–sorry it turned out bigger than you wanted. You’ll get it right the next time! Yeah, what is up with those bermudas? I remember those being popular when I was a kid, but I now agree, they aren’t flattering. I’ve been trying to get some inspiration for the RTW Knockoff contest off the Neiman Marcus site, and noticed a lot of this lenght shorts, and I say “yuck”! I’ve been working on the everpopular NewLook wrap dress these past few days. I finally gut the bust the way I liked it (eliminating the gaping neckline) –had I basted the sides first, it would have been so much easier–stupid me–I’ll learn from that! It might now be a little tighter then I meant for it to be, but it will be fine, so I’m glad it is turning out. I hope to finish it tonight–just the sleeves and then the hem!

  2. stacy

    The muslin fabric was a mystery stretch with Manga designs from the $1 table at Walmart – it’s been sitting in my stash for ages!
    I’ve been procrastinating on the RTW contest….I’m dreading altering the jacket pattern right now. I’ve been haunting the Anthropologie and Net-a-Porter sites for inspiration, though.
    I can’t wait to see your dress! I’ll keep an eye out for a review!

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