I Love My New Jacket

Why is it that with some projects you love every minute creating? And others you dread coming back to? Burda 8185 is one pattern that I just loved!

I sized this one up since I read on Pattern Review that it ran small. It turned out a bit big so I probably could have cut this one inbetween sizes instead of going one size up. So what are the the things that I loved about this pattern? I liked that all the pieces went together so well. I loved all the topstitching, the zipper, and the carriers on the ‘waist’. Most of all, I love that I didn’t have to pay $40 for it!
I did run into a few problems – for one, I never did figure out what a schmal was. I gathered from looking at the photo it’s the area where the collarband and the jacket come together. None the less, that’s the area I topstitched! My fabric was also a pretty heavyweight denim, so some areas were difficult to topstitch – the carriers were almost impossible to get under my presserfoot!
so since the completed project photo is so dark, here’s a (very) large more detailed photo:

So now here’s my question. Should I distress it or keep it as is?

6 thoughts on “I Love My New Jacket

  1. suzq

    I love love your jacket! Congratulations on another successful project! Are the buttons from FM too? What size do you sew? Thanks.

  2. stacy

    Thank you! I usually sew a 10, but made this one as a 12. It does run small and this makes it feel comfortable…..
    I actually used cheepo tack buttons from Hancock Fabrics. I would like to eventually make my way to our local Tandy Leather store since I understand that they have a nicer selection of tack buttons and rivets. I have yet to use a FM button – I have so many too!

  3. Micki

    This turned out so nice! I’ve just discovered your blog about a week or so ago and look forward to seeing what you’re up to. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amy

    Great job on your jacket! So now you have to decide whether or not to distress it or not? I guess you have to decide with what you are going to wear it with the most. I sort of like the darker denim look right now, but if you are going to wear it with more casual bottoms (skirt/capris/shorts), maybe distressed is the way to go! Either way, it turned out really well! Congrats!

  5. stacy

    Thanks everyone! I wore my jacket around yesterday and decided that I’m keeping it dark. If I make it again, I’ll test out a lighter denim and distress from there!

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