Cropped Denim Jacket

So, I’ve been talking so much lately about making this cropped jean jacket, that I thought I better put it up on the sidebar! This pattern is a bit different that what you might find in RTW cropped jackets right now as this one has a front zipper. I think that it ought to give this an interesting look – however, I’m not thrilled with my zipper as it is almost impossible to find a 10″ heavyweight separating zipper.
For the fabric, I am using a dark indigo heavyweight Ralph Lauren denim that I got from Fabric Mart’s denim bundle.

3 thoughts on “Cropped Denim Jacket

  1. Bernadette

    Hi, Stacy! – I recently started reading your site and really enjoy it. It makes me remember the joy of sewing, which I have not done enough of lately.
    Anyway, this comment is way after the fact of your zipper dilemna but may be useful in the future. It is also great for repairs.
    Most separating zippers, especially the all-metal kind, can be easily shortened (and repaired) from the bottom. Good fabric stores know how to do this for you and do it free! Home Dec fabric stores also do this. Both assume you are buying the zipper there, of course.
    You can also do it yourself: Practice with some zippers you don’t need.
    Close the zipper.
    Pry open and remove the “stopper” staple from the bottom of the zipper. (Flat, needle-nose pliers work well for this.)If you do this carefully, you will be able to re-use the staple.
    Measure down and cut off the zipper between teeth, making sure to leave about 1 1/2-2 inches of tape BELOW the length you need for opening.
    Pull the “slider” down to the bottom of the zipper and OFF.
    Remove the extra teeth if it’s easy to do, but don’t damage the tape. Line up the two sides of the zipper and thread them down into the two sides of the slider.
    Hold together bottom of tapes and pull slider up until you are sure it is evenly catching and attaching the teeth together. Check to see if the teeth are evenly matched up at TOP of closed zipper.
    Finally, re-set the stopper staple where you need it to STOP. In a pinch, you can make a thread stopper instead by sewing a dense bar stitch back and forth. Thus works fine for less-than-heavy use but is not as attractive if visible. You can also buy zipper repair kits at fabric stores.
    I have not looked but there are probably similar instructions, with pictures, online or in sewing guide books.

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