Monthly Archives: April 2006

Old Jeans

So we all have them. Those jeans that have been sitting in our closet for eons….so what to do with them? Make TWO skirts from them. Aparently, an Oregon local news station has a penny saving portion in their news. In this video they visit a woman who takes used clothing and redesigns them into something new – one pair of jeans makes a mini skirt and a pull on pencil skirt (with a great trumpet edge!).

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Jacket, Part Deux

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my jacket today, but I did manage to attach the collar:

Of all the problems that I thought I would run into, the collar was not one of them. But after constructing the collar and attaching it to the jacket, I realized that the collar is HUGE. I spent about 45 minutes fiddling with it to scale it down to a smaller size. I think that I finally have it the way that I want it!

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