Tank Complete!

After spending the day painting at my mom’s, I came home and finished the Burda 8053 top. The picture is a bit funky. I tend to lean on one foot more than the other while I’m waiting for pictures to be taken and so it skews the whole photo.

Anyway, I like this style, the whole crossover, shirred look. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the hem. The sides of this top seem to flare at the sides. I think this is a combination of shirring and that this top is double faced in the front (it has both a full right panel and full left panel) and so they are not completely even at the hem (maybe the front panel is pulled over to far under from the inner panel?). Maybe it will relax a bit after a washing.

So even though the skirt didn’t work out, this top goes really well with the tired skirt I just made. No pair this up with a cropped jean jacket and I’d be set!

Project Details:

Burda 8053 (Views D & B)

Tops: RPL (clearenced) from Joann’s

Sheer poly from Joann’s (also clearance)

Materials & Cost: