EOS & Jalie

My Emma One Sock order came yesterday in the mail (ooooh, so fast) and I am in love with these fabrics. I can’t wait until Linda gets more buttermilks and onionskins in. My Jalie crossover top came today. I can’t wait to dive into this pattern and use one of my new fabrics! After reading over the directions, I decided that if I make the Burda 8053 tank again that I would correct the hem irregularities by using the Jalie method of cutting off the excess fabric on the inside panel.
I also cut the pattern for the Burda cropped jacket while I was in the car waiting to pick up Taylor from school. Yes, in the car! My only tip for patter cutting while in a vehicle, keep the air conditioning on low – it really keeps the paper from moving around!

3 thoughts on “EOS & Jalie

  1. Amy

    Holy Moses–in the car?!! Do you have a mini-van or what? That just wouldn’t work for me in my PT Cruiser! Ha! Your pink top looks really nice–I like the shirred effect on the side, too. Have you ever come across a pattern with built in bras, like a lot of today’s RTW tank tops have in them? I always prefer tanks with those in them, and would like to see a pattern with one. Not that it would probably be too difficult to replicate! Can’t wait to see your cropped jacket! My next project is a red and black little t-shirt–still working on altering the pattern a little more for a better fit. Hope to go to a large fabric store in Chicago tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll come home with some cool stuff! Later!

  2. stacy

    I have a Nissan Xterra – I know, it’s insane! I’m sure people walking by were wondering what I was doing with all this paper sprawled out on the dashboard.
    I’ve only had one pattern with a shelf bra in it – it was Simplicity’s 5502. I made the halter version, so I’m not sure that the others have this option as well (and the pattern envelope never mentions it has a shelf type bra in it).
    I’m very jealous about your Chicago fabric trip (where do you go while you’re there?)….. I hope you find lots and lots of goodies!

  3. Amy

    Thank you for the information regarding the shelf bra pattern. That is weird they don’t tell you it is going to have one!
    I still can’t believe you cut your fabric in the car. Crazy!
    I had a fun time at the store in Chicago. Vogue Fabrics–who also sells stuff online. I had heard (this was my first trip there) they had a bunch of $1 and $2 yard tables, but I have to admit, I didn’t see much of that. Oh well! But they did have a lot of selection –especially compared to my Walmart or my Jo-Anns–which is all I have nearby. And a lot of it was only $3.99/yard, so that was just fine, too. I got about $50 worth, and have enough things to probably mak 7 or 8 things, so I think that was pretty good!

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