Cutting, Sewing, Woolly Nylon, and Experiments

I cut out Burda 8053 today. I started with the sheer overlay part of the skirt first, because if this wasn’t going to turn out right, I was just going to scrap the whole skirt.

I think that I was in a bit of a hurry, because the overlay was cut a little wonkey – alright, a lot wonkey in parts. Since I’ve got so much stretch projects lined up, I thought that I had better invest in some Woolly Nylon. I picked up two spool and used them in the lower loopers of my serger and set it to make a rolled hem. I can’t believe how amazing this thread is! It has so much stretch and makes a lovely rolled hem – I do have a few ‘pokies’ but I can fill these small parts in with a fabric marker and no one will be the wiser. I like this thread so much, I put a bid in on Ebay for so more. I’m sure that I will lose, but one can dream.
So, besides experimenting with Woolly Nylon, I’m also trying out some of that Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer. I got both the body and face versions in the lightest color. So we’ll see if I look a bit more summery in a week. In the meantime, I stink. I smell like I’m using a self tanner. I looked on the Jergens site and they compare the smell to a day at the beach:

As the moisturizer works to darken the skin, some people may develop an unfamiliar smell on their skin, which is a part of the skin darkening process. Some people have told us that it smells like they have spent a day at the beach, and their skin smells warm & toasty. The fragrance in Jergens® natural glow FACE and Daily Moisturizer masks the smell for many of the consumers we tested on, but unfortunately, the smell is different from person to person and for a small group of consumers, they still find the smell comes through the fragrance.

I think I smell like burning chicken skin stuffed with flowers. Humm, now I’m getting hungry…….

2 thoughts on “Cutting, Sewing, Woolly Nylon, and Experiments

  1. Amy

    Which skirt are you making? The white one or the flowery one? I like the fabric you chose–it looks really fun! Yes, slippery fabrics are so hard to cut out–hopefully it will still sew up well for you! Can’t wait to see it! I’m working on my dd’s easter outfit now, and having a lot of fun with it–I enjoyed seeing your dd’s easter outfit–cute!

  2. stacy

    I’m making the flowery one (but in the swirly fabric) and the tank top (in pink). The color for the tank top also matches my fabric for the tiered skirt that I made recently.
    What are you making for your DD?

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