Cute Undies

I like cute underwear, especially those Victoria Secret Pink panties – cute styles and even cuter fabric. So, I’ve been on a mission for some time to make the perfect underwear. Recently I purchased Jalie 2568 and I hope to use some leftover fabric from my Emma One Sock purchase (that should arrive Friday or Saturday) to make some of these (minus the big lace waistband, ick) or maybe I’ll dive back into my t-shirt stash! In the meantime, I ran across this:
How To Make Panties From A Hankerchief

There’s lots of lace on them, which actually look cute on these styles. If I actually had some hankies, I would try these out and make one…. I also thought that the thong from a necktie was interesting, but I don’t think Bret would appreciate me hacking up his ties.
On the same site, there is a how-to on Nekomimi doll making. Too cute!

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