The Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg made the wrap dress famous in 1976 – and it’s still holding strong today. Occasionally, you can find her patterns on Ebay (for a small fortune), but since I’m not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a pattern, I’ll just knock it off!

For this knock off, I’m going to use another Burda Easy Fashion pattern. Emma One Sock had a beautiful silk print that I wanted to use, but the total price was over $70 and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a dress right now (instead I spent $40 dollars for 3 different prints, plus shipping). So, I settled on some fabric that I found at Joann’s today. It’s a slinky, stretch print in black, white and orange. I think that it will look perfect for this dress and it’s so bright orange that I don’t have to worry that hunters will shoot me.

3 thoughts on “The Wrap Dress

  1. joi

    as a budding copyright attorney, i like the term “inspired by” better than knockoff… but then look at me, and my last two projects!
    by the way, im *so* mad at you b/c now i’m hooked on emma one sock and i cant afford it!

  2. stacy

    Sorry to enable you at EOS. But, isn’t she great? I also got an email from her that I got 10% off for a first time order and that shipping would be cheaper too. So, I’m guessing that if I make 3 tops from the fabrics I got, it’s roughly costing me around $12 a shirt. That doens’t sound too bad!

  3. hannah

    So do you subscribe to burda? or what store did you find it at. I want a mag so bad but no place that in know of carries it. I would like to get a mag to try it out first before I subscribe for a year. any help you can give me would be much appreciated! Thanks

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