I Didn’t Procrastinate!

I really wanted to spend the evening looking atshopping for fabrics – I got a Joann’s gift card (from using my Joann’s CC so much) in the mail yesterday and I heard fabric calling my name. BUT, I still had my Shattered Glass Quilt to finish.

So, I told myself that if I finish the quilt tonight, I’de go shopping to fill up my stash! It only took a few hours, and I was finished – and I have to say, I am really pleased with the results. I wan’t sure how this was going to turn out, but I really like how you can see the arc pattern throughout the quilt. I wasn’t sure that you were going to be able to make it out since everything is so bright, but I think that the purple border really helps bring out the points. WHEW, I’m happy to be finished, this quilt really took some concentration. I think that I’ll wait awhile before I start another quilt, this one took a lot out of me!