2 More To Go

I’ve been working hard at trying to get all my homework done for Monday night’s Shattered Glass class. I’ve got 2 blocks left to go – roughly an hour’s work, provided that I don’t make any mistakes!

Overall, the whole construction process is pretty simple, but I’ve found that setting up your work area is key to making things go faster. First off, placing your cutting mat (and rotary cutter) next to your sewing machine sure makes it easy to trim off extra fabric after you’ve sewn them together. Putting your iron (I’m using my cool new mini craft iron) next to your work station so you never have to keep getting up and down also helps.
I’m interested in seeing how all this looks put together. Right now, it looks really bright. If I decide to make this pattern again, I’ll have to remember to use very light, light varigated fabrics for the background – I think this would help tone down the quilt a bit and let the points ‘pop’ more.