Class Night

Tonight was my first class for the Shattered Glass Quilt. I was the most inexperienced quilter there – and the only one who hadn’t paper pieced before. Thankfully, I had spent all that time the other day cutting all my fabric and folding all the templates so I could get right down to business.

The teacher was nice enough to spend the first few minutes teaching me exactly what I needed to do (several times) and then stood over me while I did the first piece and figured out how and where to cut off all the excess fabric. After about 20 minutes I was feeling comfortable with the whole process, it just requires concentration while your working. The only advantage that I had over the other quilters is when it came to sewing the curved piece. I was pretty much the only one who had experience in that area. Who knew all those setting in sleeves would pay off eventually?
Apparently, everyone had issues with the pattern in one shape or another. Everyone ran short on fabric. So, if you’re planning on making this quilt, count on either going back to the fabric store for more or just buy extras in adavance (especially when it comes to the light, background fabrics). I realized tonight that I am short as well. I’m going to either have to make a trip back to the fabric store in the morning to see if I can’t match up 4 fat quarters or punt, look in my stash, and see what I can come up with that will work. The instructor said that there were several errors in the directions. I never really looked over the directions, just followed what she told us to do, so I can’t speak on that right now. Maybe, after I’m completely done, I’ll re-read everything and see what she’s talking about, but I’m afraid that I’ll get myself confused if I do that now.
Overall, the class was great! 3 hours of sewing with 6 other women who love to sew, talk fabric, etc. And, I learned something new! Now, to get more fabric, complete my homework, and get ready for next weeks class!