Rotary Cutters, Templates, and Paper Folding

I spent the better part of today cutting the fabrics and folding the templates for my Shattered Glass class that starts on Monday. Originally, I was going to wait until the day of (nothing like procrastinating, eh?) – thank goodness I didn’t, what a task that was!

According to the directions each template should be folded on the sewing lines. There are 18 templates, each with 11 sewing lines. I felt like I was doing origami by the time I was finished!
Then came the cutting. There were only 8 fat quarters to cut, but each one had to be cut into pretty small pieces….many of which had to be further cut by the shaped templates (mellon shapes, triangles, etc.). I packaged them all together in ziplock bags and labeled them so they are all ready to go. Needless to say, this whole process took approximately 4 hours.
My only complaint thus far is the fabric requirements – or at least the description of what type you need. For example, when I read 4 light colored variegated batiks, I assumed that they could be 4 of any light color (which is what I did). I think that the author wanted 4 of the same color. I don’t think that this is going to pose a problem until it gets to the lattice. It called for 2 dark colored batiks. I chose a hot pink with blue-ishpurple swirls and a blue with purple swirls. I really think that the quilt would look better if everything was the same, but I’ll just write the whole thing off as some sort of artistic license and make it look funky (or ugly?).