Avoid a Headache, Make a Muslin

Last night, I managed to finish my Floribunda cami. Actually, I was determined to finish my cami. Making this top was no piece of cake. The construction wasn’t hard, it just required a muslin for all those fit issues. Since I skipped this process (I will not do this again when I make a Hot Pattern), I wound up with a tension headache at one point.

Actually I only ran into 3 problems. First, the top dipping down way too low – so low my bra was showing, not just a little, a lot. So I brought up the shoulders (maybe 3/4 to 1 inch). Second was the arm hole, it was to small. It was tight before I started making adjustments, but got tighter after I brought up the shoulders. Lastly, the sides could be brought in a bit to be more fitted (I was able to omit the zipper it was so big). Why more fitted? Bret and I agree that this top makes me look ‘big’ on my upper half. I think it’s mostly because this top makes me look ‘busty’ (and I’m not even wearing a padded bra). So here’s the final product:

I’m not entering this one on the sidebar. This fabric came from my stash, I used existing thread, etc. My only cost was something like $2 for a package of bias tape. Besides, this top was made on a whim – I couldn’t help but make it.
If you’de like to read more of my thoughts on this top, you can read my review of it here.