Whew, it’s finished!

I managed to finish up Taylor’s Easter jacket this afternoon. Let’s hope she likes it. Overall, it turned out pretty well, except I managed to trim off part of the ruffle on the top part of the jacket. I don’t think that it’s noticeable, but I know it’s there. UGH.

I also didn’t realize that this pattern was for a lined jacket. I believe that this is the first lined kids jacket that I’ve ever made. Sadly, I didn’t purchase lining for this project, but fortunately I found some in my stash. It’s not what I would have picked out – I think that it’s some sort of acetate and isn’t great to work with (it snags, frays, and doesn’t sew well), but it worked.
The organdy trim also gave me fits. I thought that by gathering it with my serger it would go so much faster, but this pattern uses a ‘lose’ ruffle and not a tight one, so I spent a better part of an afternoon, taking apart most of my ruffles.
Overall, it’s not a bad pattern. I just got frustrated with my fabrics. I think that if I put it away for awhile (like say, until Easter) that I’ll like it better. Now on to find a skirt pattern that I can use the rest of the boucle with.
UPDATE Alright, Taylor came home and tried on the jacket. BAH, it’s tight in the shoulders and doesn’t completely come together when she wears it. The finished measurements should be around 30 inches – which is plenty big enough according to her measurements. Either she’s grown a lot since I last measured her or something went wonky with the jacket pattern!?!