Finished Halter Dress

I took a few hours this afternoon to finish up the halter dress. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, except that the fabric is a bit stiff and doesn’t drape quite right (especially in the hip and stomach areas). I made a few minor changes to the dress overall.

I omitted the soutache braid for the button loops – instead I made it out of self-fabric. The width was supposed to be 1/8″ – I found it impossible to make a fabric tube this small, so I increased the with to 1/2″. I had also purchased the wrong sized buttons – I got 5/8″ instead of 3/8″. So, I sorted through my button stash (thankfully, I have one) and managed to find buttons that would work!
I also had to take up the neckline in the back by 3″. I know that the area between my neck and bust line (is there a name for this area?) is smaller than ‘normal’, however, I would have never guessed by this much! Doing this made the bust darts sit in the right area and pulled up the back so that it no longer gaped when standing.
Overall, I liked this pattern – it is definatley was easy to sew. I would probably sew it up again, but I would think more carefully about my fabric choice and would tweek this pattern a bit for a slightly better fit.

2 thoughts on “Finished Halter Dress

  1. cmarie12

    I love the dress! What a great bargain it turned out to be. Those Fabric Mart bundles are making some wonderful garments. Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful creations!

  2. Stacy

    Thanks! I’m having great fun with the bundles – sort of like opening up Christmas presents. Plus, I’m attempting to get my creative juices flowing deciding on what I’ll make with each piece.

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