Sewing Goals 2006

Awhile back on Pattern Review, someone started a thread about what everyone’s sewing goals for the new year were. Here’s my list:
1. Get over my fear of knits – use more in my sewing and increase my skill with this fabric.
2. Use more of my sewing patterns more than once.
3. Take a sewing class or two (I have to use that new sewing machine caddy that I purchased).
4. Expand my sewing – try new things, new patterns, new companies, fabrics, etc.
5. Make a quilt for myself – of the few that I’ve sewn, they’ve all been for someone else.
6. Become more skilled at alterations.

So two months into the new year, how have I done? So far, I’ve used one pattern twice (the Wrapture Jacket), I have hopes to make another pair of Hot Pattern bootcut jeans soon – before short season. I have a sewing class lined up in March (it’s a paper piecing quilting class) and if all goes well, I’ll be making the Sunflower Illusions quilt for myself (taking care of #5). I also have done some alterations on my bootcut jeans that I am quite pleased with. I’ll have increase the rise the next time I sew this – lets see how that turns out!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Goals 2006

  1. cmarie12

    Your goal to use a sewing pattern more than once will revolutionize the way you sew. You will become more creative, envisioning a piece in ways you didn’t imagine when you first bought the pattern and it will increase your productivity. Once you have the fit issues worked out with a pattern it allows you to just sew. It is amazingly freeing creativewise! Good luck with achieving this goal.

  2. Stacy

    Thanks Carolyn. I definately need some tried and true patterns! I’m currently entered into a pattern stash contest, so hopefull I’ll find a few unused patterns that may become TNTs!

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