Cropped Denim Jacket

After spending the afternoon shopping (which was very productive, by the way), Taylor and I have decided that we really need a cropped denim jacket. I refuse to pay $60 for 1/2 a jacket that will probably be out of style by fall – so why not sew one? Which leads me to the question, what pattern to use?

I’m leaning toward Jalie 2320 – this is a multi-sized pattern both Taylor and I could use, it looks easy enough to alter, and I could also order 2 more Jalie’s that I’ve been eyeing (2447 – because sewing swimsuits are so much less expensive than buying them; and 2568 – because I would love to sew up some cutie undies).
I also had someone remind me that the new Burda Easy Fashion will have some cropped jackets. These appear to be some very cute, millitary style cropped jackets with 3/4 inch sleeves. I’m looking forward to getting this magazine (maybe within the next 2 weeks?). Now, who can translate German for me?
UPDATE: After posting on Pattern Review about my cropped jacket pattern quest, I was told about Burda 8185. This is a perfect jacket pattern! PR members are great!