Pamela’s Patterns T-Shirt Makeover

Yesterday, I had a plesant suprise in my mailbox. I recieved my T-shirt makeover from Pamela’s Patterns. I immediately went to work on redesigning a new t-shirt. Unfortunately, in all my excitement, I didn’t thoroughly read through the directions and managed to hack off most of the shirt’s neck edge. I assumed that you cut the shirt according to the pattern, not “line up the shoulder sean and neck edge of the T-shirt as close as possible to the pattern.”

Pamela’s Patterns T-shirt Makeover

Materials & Cost:
Fabric………free (t-shirt from closet)

2 thoughts on “Pamela’s Patterns T-Shirt Makeover

  1. Patricia Freeman

    I have wanted to know how the T make over by Pamela’s patterns worked. So glad I found this site. Nice job. Thanks for taking the time to share the information.

  2. Lisa

    That is very cool. I just picked up her perfect tees pattern, along with the additional necklines pattern. I wonder, couldn’t you simply use the tee pattern to makeover a tee as well (and save the money on buying yet another pattern)? I’m curious. I think I might try it…
    Thanks for the review!

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