Anthropologie Jacket Knock-off

As another entry into Pattern Review’s RTW knock-off contest, I decided on one of Anthropologie’s sweater jackets. I love the print, but darn if it isn’t hard to find something similar out there. I scoured the internet for days searching several sites and wound up finding some similar fabric at Hancock Fabrics. It’s a stretch twill (not like the sweater knit in the inspiration jacket) that will need to be washed several times to get a better hand. I’ll also need to find some solid stretch red twill for the bindings and waist section, but I figure that will be much easier to find! The pattern itself will require some alteration, not something I’m motivated to tackle right now.

2 thoughts on “Anthropologie Jacket Knock-off

  1. Carolyn Norman

    I don’t mean to be picky but shouldn’t you include your notions costs in your garment total? That way you would have a true accounting of what a garment costs to make. Unless, of course, you only want to record the cost of the pattern and fabric.

  2. Stacy

    Actually, I hadn’t purchased any notions yet (or the red stretch twill) – I’m still in the planning stage. I know that my totals will change as I acquire more items. Hancock Fabrics is having a sale this weekend – hopefully I’ll be able to get some 50% off notions while I’m there!

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