Monthly Archives: February 2006

Patrones is on it’s way!

Today I ordered two Patrones magazines from Stoff-Art. I am absolutely giddy with my new purchases (and they haven’t even arrived yet)! I wound up getting the December 2005 and the much desired February 2006 issue – for $28.10 including shipping. Now to see how long it takes to get here (I’m guessing several weeks since it sounds like it ships media mail from Germany) – which gives me a few weeks to brush up on my Spanish!

Sewing Goals 2006

Awhile back on Pattern Review, someone started a thread about what everyone’s sewing goals for the new year were. Here’s my list:
1. Get over my fear of knits – use more in my sewing and increase my skill with this fabric.
2. Use more of my sewing patterns more than once.
3. Take a sewing class or two (I have to use that new sewing machine caddy that I purchased).
4. Expand my sewing – try new things, new patterns, new companies, fabrics, etc.
5. Make a quilt for myself – of the few that I’ve sewn, they’ve all been for someone else.
6. Become more skilled at alterations.

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Cropped Denim Jacket

After spending the afternoon shopping (which was very productive, by the way), Taylor and I have decided that we really need a cropped denim jacket. I refuse to pay $60 for 1/2 a jacket that will probably be out of style by fall – so why not sew one? Which leads me to the question, what pattern to use?

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