After a weekend full of activities, the most that I was able to work on was cutting into my fabrics for my Trifecta Top. I’m actually not in a rush to sew this one up because, unlike the eastern half of the country that is facing a tremendous amount of snow, we have climbed back up into 70s (and who wants to wear leather sleeves during spring-like temps?). However since this one is on cue to be sewn very soon, here’s all the info on my next project:

Pattern: The Trifecta Top by Kitschycoo

Fabric: Army Camo Cotton Knit and Faux Black Stretch Leather from Girl Charlee

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $8.00
Fabric……. $16.25
Notions…. stash

Total $24.25


Our family lost a very wonderful woman this week with the passing of Bret’s grandmother. As we prepared to return home for services, I decided that I needed something new to wear as I’ve worn the same dress on several other occasions. I spent the day looking for something appropriate…. only to come home empty handed. While I realize that in the retail world, it’s almost spring, finding clothing that is appropriate and has sleeves is almost next to impossible.

Oddly enough when I returned home, I saw someone post an article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal last week on How Dresses Lost Their Sleeves. Basically what it comes down to is that designers are lazy (it’s too ‘hard’ to add a sleeve) and say that consumers opt for comfort (I suppose that is why designers believe we should be wearing pajamas for formal wear?) over ‘constrictive clothing’…. Apparently sleeves have become too constrictive? Psshhh.

Sadly, the time I spent shopping could have been spent working on something appropriate to wear that fits well and has sleeves. Lesson learned.

Edited to add: While on my mini-rant, I neglected to point out that while men get sleeves in their clothing, apparently, there is a push to stop covering their penises. I guess sleeveless doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Linky Thursday

These little zippered monsters are cute by themselves, but are also perfect for stuff little gifts inside.

Valentine coasters so cute that you’ll have a hard time putting a drink on them!

Cute (but not girly) Valentine shirts for boys is hard to find, so why not make your own?

Forget about making those tutus from elastic and tying on strips of tulle. This tutorial is the ‘real deal’ and absolutely gorgeous.

If you know someone who got a sewing machine for the holidays and they are still looking for a good beginner project (or you just need a new bag yourself), send them over to check out this easy tote bag tutorial! Looking for something a little more structured and zips? Then the Baker Street Bag is just for you!

Keep toddlers busy at the table with your own dry erase coloring mat.

If you plan on traveling abroad this year, chances are you’re going to need something to keep your important documents, money, etc. together. This travel wallet is a great storage solution.

Need a new cosmetic bag that’s different from anything else you own? This version is a great way to vertically store your make-up and brushes (you will probably need to translate the page for the instructions).

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Spruce up your living space with a little love decor with this fun, Wreath Heart pillow.

Leggings have become my favorite way to wear ‘pants’ around the house. Now you can make your own with this tutorial.

Protect your Kindle in style with a pretty cover.

Recycling plastic bags means finding storage for them when they’re not in use. Now you don’t have to hide them in a drawer or cabinet, instead make a pretty, yet functional hanging plastic bag holder!

If snow and ice are back in your weather forecast, you’ll definitely want to whip up a fleece ice scraper mitt this week.

It Came!

01-magazineThe Finnish magazine that I ordered, Kotiliesi Käsityö, arrived in the mail yesterday. This magazine is new to me so I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! 

So what do you get with this craft magazine? Of course I can’t translate the articles, but there is some great ‘eye candy’ with trend\style reports and the photos of the projects look very much like an issue of a fashion magazine. The 1/15 issue has 64 knitting patterns – some of which really make me wish I could knit… I could totally use a pair of nubby socks and a few of the cute sweaters (this also appears to be a bridal issue so there are several wedding accessories included as well as children’s\baby’s knits). There are only 6 sewing patterns in this magazine, but it was the 8 that made me want to give it a try. Although I’m not intending on 01-patternssewing a bridal gown anytime soon, I can totally see this as a prom dress (if we can’t find one this year ‘off the rack’) and I adore the workout clothing designed by Named Clothing.

The patterns themselves are very much like every other sewing magazine – you must trace the item you want to make off the ‘road map’ that is the pattern sheet… I am still trying to determine if seam allowances and hems are included, though. Sizing for each pattern ranges from small (bust 30″, waist 23″, hips 33″) to XL (bust 46″, waist 39″, hips 48.8″) so there’s quit a bit of range included.

As for instructions, there are no illustrations (aside from the pattern pieces\cutting layout) – just text… and it’s in Finnish…. so you’ll either have to attempt using translation software or muddle your way through the sewing process. In all fairness, most of the patterns are fairly easy to figure out so construction looks to be pretty straightforward. I’m very excited to give this issue a try!

For those that are interested in ordering this (or other issues) you will need to send an email to with your shipping information. They will invoice you (roughly 14 Euros) a bill with your magazine.

A Big Haul

01-ikeaThe ‘long weekend’ brought lots and lots of things – mostly fabric!

I had my first experience at an IKEA this weekend and all I bought was this fabric! I couldn’t resist – I’m totally attracted to face prints plus it’s wonderfully colorful and a great home decor weight. I’m thinking this will make a fabulous statement bag, I just need to find the right pattern that shows off the print.

My order from Girl Charlee arrived yesterday as well. I have always wanted to get on on a bargain lot sale and since I already had to make an order, I tried to time it so I might get one (this was a first quality lot, too). Ever wanted to know what you get? Here’s what was in my bundle (all are one yard cuts):

01-bundleThe top row are all cotton jerseys… I love this entire row. For me, this is what made the entire purchase worth it. The second row are all French terry. I’m not as wild about the prints in this row, so some may become ‘muslin’ material. I did wind up with two cuts of the pink floral print which may eventually become a springy hoodie. The last row is a mix of materials. The first three are lycra spandex (?) and could easily work for swimwear (I have two cuts of the brown polka dot that I have no idea what to do with), the next two are very soft burnout (It might make a nice Oslo, but I have already bought new material for that… see below), there is also a yard of white fleece (yuck), and a thin mystery knit that has very little stretch. Overall, totally worth the price I paid (which comes out to $2/yard)!

I also purchased some ‘by the yard’ fabrics for a few upcoming projects:

01-fabrics1The material on the far left is the main reason I made a purchase to begin with – stretch pleather! This will become sleeves on a shirt that Taylor has asked me to make. The next is a charcoal knit that is a fairly close match to the sweatshirt material I have already started embroidery on (they will eventually become a High Five Hoodie). The next is a gray\teal sweater knit that is destined to become another Oslo, a fun knit plaid that is either going to be a pair of leggings or a new shirt, and lastly a bit of stretch denim (no project intended so far).

Whew, all this fabric means that I’m going to be one very busy lady! Lets just hope I don’t get ahead of myself in projects and can’t find the time to work everything in!

Cowboy Gear

01-cowboyAlright, I’ll admit it, when you look at the photo it’s hard to recognize what you’re seeing…. but when it’s on, it’s a lot easier to tell it’s cowboy gear.

In just a few weeks, Easton has a program where everyone is supposed to dress up like either a farmer or cowboy (no hats allowed, though). Easton picked a cowboy – so it was either a trip to the Western store or to whip something up. I chose the latter.

For whatever reason, cowboy attire is hard to find so for the second time in a row, I made McCall 2851 (I previously made this pattern when Easton was in preschool). This pattern is extremely easy to sew (in fact if you go with a faux leather or suede you only have 3 seams for the entire garment to stitch), but really lacks finishing details and the vest is always WAY too short, IMHO… but the ‘chaps’ sell this pattern for me.

This time around I made a cow print vest (found in the costume section of the fabric store) and used the same material to line it. The chaps are made from a microsuede material – they look great, but unfortunately ravel like mad after you wear them once… fortunately, Easton only has to wear this get up once!



I have a couple of friends that have decided to become Jamberry Nail consultants. Aside from doing a few online parties, they occasionally do vendor events\shows… and miniature rice\heating bags are apparently ‘a thing’ (for a lot of these wraps you have to heat up the product before applying. You can heat these little bags up for 20-30 seconds, they stay warm, and look cute!). Two ladies asked me to make 100 bags – and like a crazy lady, I agreed!



This was a great little scrapbuster project, but took far more time that what I thought it would (now looking back 100 is a lot!) and they used a lot of rice (somewhere between 8.5-9 lbs. of rice). I’m anxious to see how these work out and which bags seem to draw the most interest. I haven’t even delivered these yet and I’m already getting interest for more – so keep an eye out for these in the future. I’m thinking they might even make great little hand warmers, too!

Linky Thursday

Looking for a fun way to keep your little one warm they taking a nap or watching a movie? This mermaid tail blanket definitely fits the bill! Looking for something a bit more practical (or just for the boys)? Try this toddler sleeping bag, instead.

Speaking of blankets, this swaddle tutorial claims to be the best wrap around.

Totoro. Enough said.

Do you know someone who’s new to sewing, but doesn’t have enough beginner friendly patterns to start with? This envelope pillow is a great way to introduce them to their machine. Are they ready for something a little more advanced? Try this Posy Strip Pillow instead.

Winter is Coming (or already here), so why not make a new wrap to keep warm?

A fashionable bag to keep your tablet protected.

Learn how to make a lined jacket from a top.

Make a pair of cozy mittens for everyone in the family.

I’m not sure that I would classify this as a dress, but made in a really lightweight, drapy material, this tutorial could make a good swimsuit cover.

Upcycyle an old towel and your favorite fabrics to create a bathmat for your tub or shower.

I’m not usually one for tissue covers, but this quilted version is a cute project (scroll down the entry for the instructions).

While there is no sewing involved in this project, I can’t resist pointed out this great, padded letter tutorial.

Memory Pillow

01-memoryOn occasion, there is a project or two that just jumps out at me and motivates me to make it. Recently a friend had posted a memory pillow on social media and asked where she could have one made out of a shirt of her son’s who past away in a car accident… I immediately offered to make her one.

While the construction wasn’t complicated (or take that long for that matter), getting the text the right configuration (so that it wasn’t too long, etc.) was a booger (come to find out, the inspiration pillow she saw was the best way after all!)! Overall, I’m pretty happy with the finished pillow, but most of all I’m happy that I was able to give a friend something that makes them remember their son every time they look at it.

Zebra Layette

01-layetteSewing for a girl – something that I haven’t been able to do in a long time! A friend is expecting very soon so this gave me an excuse to whip up a quick little layette set: an embellished onesie, burp rag, and top knot hat.

For this set, I used a remnant knit that I had in my stash to make a coordinating zebra print gift set (by the way, this is a ‘theme’ she is using for her baby, even her high chair is zebra!). I started with a purchased onesie, a bit of fusible web, an iron-on flower, and a satin stitch to embellish the bodysuit. For the hat, I used Prudent Baby’s free pattern. And last but, not least, a diaper was transformed into a burp cloth. One note about the burp cloth, because I was using a knit (and a very thin one at that), I opted to interface the material before stitching it down to the diaper – this made for a much firmer feel, but it was substantially easier to work with – I’d highly recommend doing that if you opt to use a stretch material with this project.