Spring Break

While most people are running to sandy beaches for spring break, we started ours off by going to the mountains (hence the lack of updating yesterday as we has 0 service where we were staying) – we even saw the most snow (about 5″ yesterday morning) that we’ve seen in years.

Needless to say, I haven’t touched anything sewing related in days, except the package that arrived with my Coral\Mint Bull French Terry Bundle (it appears that there is still one left), but hope to tackle some of those projects that I’ve been hoping to get to for weeks – although I’m not sure what to sew first. Even though it’s the first day of spring, it still doesn’t feel like it (temperature wise, although my allergies say otherwise)!

Mug Me

Since I’m pattern testing this week and can’t show you what I’m sewing (yet), I thought I would share another Cricut project.  One of my friends decided to throw her husband a suprise 40th birthday party and I needed a quick gift. I grabbed a beer mug from Dollar Tree (by the way, Dollar Tree has some of the largest, heaviest beer mugs – and they’re only $1 each), used my Cricut to create a stencil, and etched his name onto the glass using etching cream. Boom! Great gift for a guy (and he loved it) or even St. Patrick’s Day!


Linky Thursday

Even if you don’t like eating Peeps, you have to admit that they sure do make for cute stuffies. Make your bunny or chick Peep plush this year to fill your baskets…. and don’t forget one for your pet.

Love plaid? This fabric giveaway is just for you!

This cute little snack bag has bunny ears.

Show off the love for your favorite candy with this cool candy wrapper key fob tutorial.

This tote isn’t just sturdy, it has great hardware and lots of pockets.

Fluffmonger is quickly becomming a new favorite plush site. Not only did they post an adorable corgi pattern a few months ago, but now they have a cat and guinea pig too.

I have a “thing” for rope baskets and this dyed version for Easter is calling my name!

Eventually warm(er) weather will arrive and we’ll all be sheading those heavy clothes and trading them in for shorts. Get ready for the heat wave witht his cute women’s romper.

This spring tee has great color blocking and is a FREE pattern.

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday. Whipping up one of these felt leprachauns might keep you from getting pinched (wouldn’t this make an adorable pin?).

Plan on seeing Sherlock Gnomes next weekend? Get your kids ready for the show by stitching up character plush.

Last week our winds were CRAZY strong (65 mph gusts for 2 days) and I needed something to keep the hair out of my face when I went outside. This top knot bow head wrap looks like a cute solution.

This project pouch is great for keeping organized or carrying all your supplies for classes.


Yesterday I had “big” plans to get at least one sewing project done, but instead got wrapped up in doing “creative” things (i.e. trial and error) with my embroidery machine and got nothing…. and by wrapped up, I mean I played all day.  It was fun, but now I’m ready to go back to “regular” sewing project as I think I have finally decided on fabrics for the Aspen…. I’ve also been eyeing this bundle, which would also look fabulous in this pattern too. Decisions, decisions!


Anniversary Basket

My in-laws will soon be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and I needed a gift. I find anniversarys the hardest because by this point in time, the couple has pretty much everything they need. So, I went with something fun. After an extensive search on Pinterest for some ideas, I came up with a couples shirt (I created the “Married Since” in Cricut’s Design Space using the Varsity Font so it looks like a “team” shirt), a set of mugs (using a purchased SVG – I loved the way the design looked as if it was painted on), some local coffee (they specialize in chocolate, but their Wichita State Wu’s Brew is tasty and fun – not to mention they are playing this week in the NCAA tournament), and a little “love.” sign that can be put on a shelf (purchased).

More Shirts

I haven’t been able to sit down and consistantly work on a sewing project this week, but I did manage to eek in making a few gifts.

Since making my Shameless tee, I’ve had several requests from friends to make them one too. I wound up designing two more shirt yesterday, a “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” wine glass for a birthday gift, and a Fortnite tee for Easton (the “he only had 1 HP” is what he repeatedly shouts when he dies in the game, so this was sort of a funny shirt to give to him). Now I realize I need more vinyl!

Linky Thursday

Whether you’re working out or just looking to be comfortable, leggings make the perfect pants. Here’s another freebie pattern to try out.

Enter to win a copy of Crafty Little Things to Sew.

Spring always makes me want to sew up a new purse. This quilted version has a decorative lock and flap to keep everything inside, but this foldover clutch looks quick and easy.

Tired of wearing the same sweaters this winter? Give them new life with these 5 sweater hacks.

Looking for fun egg stuffers this holiday? This tiny felt bunny is the perfect fit! Looking for something bigger? Check out this reversible chick and egg stuffie.

If you’re needing a basket stuffer for an older child\adult, be sure to check out this adorable notebook\pencil combo.

Tired of white shoes? Give them a face lift by covering them with fabric.

I think the title of this tutorial says it all, “Goodbye Old Sweats, Hello Cute Skirt.” (Designed for girls, but could definitely be altered for women, too).

Spring is right around the corner and this tunic looks perfect to wear when the weather warms up.



Well, once again, sickness has taken over our house. On the bright side, it’s not the flu. On the downside, it’s the stomach bug – which meant middle of the night vomiting. I had hoped to start Peek-a-boo’s Aspen Pullover today (by the way, there’s a sew-along going for Aspen, Altitude (kid’s version), and Alpental (men’s) for anyone interested; with prizes\giveaways along the way), but instead I’m going to play nurse.

One dilemma that I’m having with this pattern… fabric selection. This pattern really requires two coordinating fabrics and I’m not feeling anything in my stash. While I would love to do this in a French Terry, I think I may have to resort to using cotton; making it more of a tee than a sweatshirt. I’m hoping something inspires me today – I’m going to try to stay away from shopping online since we can’t get out.

Mama Bridgette V2

I decided to give the Mama Bridgette one more try (you can see my previous version here), this time increasing the cup size, but keeping the band the same. I had run out of lace that was wide enough make the cups, so I decided to use a knit in that area and trim the edges in lace (with some modifications from the instructions that I’ll describe below).

To me, it seems like this pattern is designed to be made in all lace. There are instructions for using fabric for the cups and either lining them or adding lace to the edges. However, the instructions have you constructing the cups first, then adding the lace afterward – which would increase the overall dimensions of the finished bra. Instead, I wound up sewing the lace to the fabric first, then cutting the bra cups and constructing them as if they were the lace version. The rest of the bralette I constructed as written.

The fit this time is so much better – I’m not feeling as if I will be falling out of the cups when I wear it. I’m also pretty fond of the hot pink lace, so this version is definitely a keeper. With that said…. I did find that this pattern is identical to (last year’s) version of Free People’s Galloon Lace Racerback, which will run you about $20 (I happened across it at a boutique and was checking it out, thoroughly). So, if you like the look, but don’t want to spend the time making it (while the second one went together faster, I still think this was a time consuming make), find that your bras are about the same cost to make (some of those wide laces can get expensive), or just want to give this style a test run, buying it may be a great option.


Last week we were lamenting about the loss of a beautiful fabric company, Free Spirit. This week we can rejoice that someone has purchased the company! Scott Fortunoff announced this week that his family’s company, Studio E Fabrics got the “deal of a lifetime” – I’m excited to see some of our favorite designers will still be in one place.

As for my own update, I’m steadily trying to catch up from last week’s snow\conference days – as much as I like to think I’ll get a lot done while Easton is home, I never do. Consequently, I’m still stitching up a test garment (I really can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been making, trust me you’ll love everything). While I can’t show you what I’m working on, I can show you the cute fabric I’m working with – Gertie’s  Poplin. I think I selected this because it screamed summer to me – and I need that. I’m so tired of winter!

Once I’m done with that project, I’m seriously contemplating starting the denim jacket from Seamwork. Before I do, I need to find a better source for jeans buttons – the Dritz brand that I used this summer were terrible. Anyone have a preferred brand or place to buy?