Henri Joggers

Apparently middle school boys don’t like to wear jeans because Easton owns a lot of athletic pants. In an effort to keep up with this trend, I decided that I finally needed to break down and buy Jalie’s Henri Jogger (and Shorts) pattern and see if I can’t sew some up that he approves of.

My first issue that I had was what size to cut (and if I should grade, etc.). He’s sort of all over the place in measurements – little waist, more pronounced bum, large thighs. After waffling back and forth for days, I finally decided to cut a straight size “P” (I thought about cutting the length to an “O” but held a pair of pants up to the pattern and he had a pair that was similar in length) – I figured that I could see what needed to be done from there after they’re made.

As for the fabric, I settled on a cotton French terry from So Sew English (now sold out). I had originally purchased this to make sweatshirts for him, but once the fabric arrived, it didn’t look like something he would wear. One thing about this fabric is that it’s very “soft” for a French terry – almost sweater like, so I opted to omit the drawstring because I thought it would never behave in making it (plus I managed to eeek out this pattern with only ONE YARD and really didn’t have enough for that piece, anyway).

Now for the review! Everything came together beautifully and didn’t have any issues with construction. I did change the waistband slightly as I didn’t have 2″ elastic (in the end, I used 1 1/2 and just inserted it through the waistband) and even though it makes for a very plain front, I like the way it went together. As for the fit – it’s really good… although a bit too long. It seems as if I could have made the “O” length after all. The fabric? Well, it’s way too “soft” for this pattern – I think a french terry with a bit more body or a beefier performance knit would have looked more ready to wear. Instead, it sort of looks like he’s wearing lounge pants… but according to Easton, it’s the comfiest pair of pants he owns, so it’s still a win!

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Teen Spirit

When I had hear about George and Ginger’s new Grunge collection, I really thought this was a group of patterns that I would skip out on. Then she released them and I thought, “Well, there’s a few patterns that I could use” – which turned into, “I need that whole collection because I have plans for most of these!”…. and that’s how I bought all of them.

Originally, I didn’t think I would ever wear something like the Teen Spirit Top. I’m usually not into oversized clothing, let alone something cropped, but after looking at the pattern, I realized that it was perfect for the hot pink crackle French terry that I had picked up in December. I envisioned pairing it up with a pair of black leggings for a sort of sporty, trendy workout look. And I wasn’t wrong. I really love my finished top.

I wound up going with a full length, hi-low version of this pattern with a standard neckline (the neckline is oversized, like a large scoop neck design). Everything went together easily and quickly, so I had a new top by the end of the day. As for the fit, I like it! Although I did decide to go down one size when I cut this pattern out which may have helped. I don’t see myself making a ton of these, but I would definitely consider making another one if the right fabric came along (especially because I’d love to make a cropped version with a hood that can be worn with a high waist pant).

Hoodies for Dogs

One thing that I love about sewing is that it gives me the ability to make projects on a whim and come out with something fun, creative, and sometimes unexpected. Ellie & Mac’s Hoddie Dog Sweater is one of those patterns – as soon as I saw it, I knew my dog had to have a hoodie… because dogs in clothes are adorable!

Just like a human, there are several measurements that you need to take in order to get the best fit. Thankfully, Jimmy was very cooperative so taking them wasn’t too bad. According to size chart, he was a medium, which is about what I would have expected him to be, but expected that the end result would need some tweeking in the end. I was rather surprised that the only future modification that I will really need is shortening the body some. In hindsight, I should have already done this because I knew how long he was (from taking measurements), but I was so excited to finish this and try it on, I never thought about it.

Putting this together was very easy as the instructions are pretty good… Except… the pocket markings are wrong on the pattern (it’s sized for the pocket piece that hasn’t been “finished”) and I thought that the placket instructions could have used a bit more direction. Otherwise this came together without a hitch and I love the end result.

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Hoodie Dog Sweater

Before I start my next big project, I thought that I would cross a few projects off my list and make a few fun ones in between. First up: Ellie & Mac’s Hoodie Dog Sweater.

When I saw this pattern, I couldn’t resist grabbing it for Jimmy. Not only is is adorable, but he has very little fur on his underside, so when we’ve had very cold days, he just snuggles inside. This hoodie sweater should be a fun solution. But first…. measuring. I’m guessing he may not be the most cooperative with this (I’ll arm myself with treats), but I’m hoping that I’ll get close enough to guestimate what size he’ll need.

As for the fabric, I’ve decided on using a cotton interlock for starters. I had a fun print that’s been in my stash for ages – it’s not large enough for a lot of projects, but should be plenty for a pint sized hoodie!

No Show

It seems like after the new year, I go thought an underwear sewing spurt. Seeing that no show underwear are my current favorite, I decided to give Greenstyle Creations No Show Brief pattern a try, while I was at it, I decided to order some of the Mist fabric that she offered since I really didn’t have any material on hand that would work and I was interested in seeing what their recommended fabric were like.

First, let’s talk the fabric. I’m not sure that I’m a fan. It is very soft, super stretchy, and very comfortable to wear, but it curls like crazy. It was not fun to work with… in fact, I may have enjoyed this project more if I hadn’t used it.

Now, let’s talk the pattern. For me the sizing was spot on. I did make the low rise, which seemed way too low for me. I wound up adding a bit of stretch lace on the top (partly because of the fabric curling, but also to add a bit of height) which seems to put it in a more comfortable spot for me. I think if I make more in the future I’ll cut somewhere in between the low and mid rise to see what I get. The pieces went together well, but make sure that you read the instructions closely – I didn’t and wound up having to rework the crotch lining. All in all, this was a pretty easy little pattern to put together, but I’m going to go back to the drawing board with the fabric before I try this again.

Super Plush Camo Hoodie

In an effort to keep Easton warm when he refuses to wear a winter coat, I opted to make him a hoodie out of a thicker material: Super Plush. And folks, it is thick. Not so horrible that it’s terrible to work with, but my machines didn’t particularly like it either. I could have definitely messed with the tensions a bit more to get a bit better stitch quality, but overall, it looks pretty good.

I also opted to use a new pattern: Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Classic Adult Sweatshirt. I wound up making this one in an XS and was a bit concerned that it might be too big… but it actually fits him perfectly. In fact, I could even squeeze into this size, although it looks more fitted that what was intended. My only complaint is that it could stand a bit more length – his ready to wear hoodies seem to be just a big longer, but that’s easily remedied if I make more in the future.

As for the fabric, it’s definitely warmer than most French Terry that you can buy, but I didn’t particularly enjoy working with this material, either. I probably won’t buy more unless a particular print catches my eye or one of us is needing a heavier weight jacket\hoodie. I have a bit more of this fabric left over – not enough to really make anything significant with…. although this hoodie for dogs did catch my attention (and I think Easton would think it was fun to match).

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Up Next

Now that I’ve gotten caught up with things at home, I can finally start up some projects that I’ve been meaning to make. First up: Super Plush

I’ve been seeing people singing the praises of So Sew English’s Super Plush fabric and I finally broke down and bought some. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s essentially a knit fabric exterior with a plushy (like Minky) underside. It’s very thick and appears that it would be pretty warm to wear. I purchased the camo print because I figured Easton would get the most wear out of this – he’s become quite a hoodie wearer so I decided that I would try my hand at that first. Unfortunately, he’s gotten big enough that most of my patterns no longer fit him so I’m having to try a new one. I opted for Peek-a-Boo Pattern’s Adult Classic Sweatshirt – it was the closest to his size range (XS), plus I already owned this pattern so I didn’t have to purchase something new. Cross your fingers it all works out.