Sometimes it’s the little details that makes a statement in a finished garment. So when I saw that New Moon Stitches was doing a preorder on rainbow zipper tape and pulls, I jumped at the chance to get some. They arrived the other day and they are even more beautiful in person.

So, now I’m on the hunt for a pattern that I can use these zippers with. I’m leaning towards Jalie’s Alex – I had wanted to sew this last year and got sidetracked…. I even picked up a great Polartec softshell from Needle Nook Fabrics for this pattern too. I also think this would look stunning on a bag – I still have a Denver that I want to stitch up too!

Linky Thursday

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Nothing makes a statement like color blocking and it’s the perfect look for this tote.

Off Shoulder Romper

Comfy clothes have been a staple around here for the past 5 months, so finding a pattern that makes your feel comfortable and look “dressed” is a major win in my book. What is this pattern you ask? Ellie & Mac’s Off-Shoulder Romper! I’m not kidding when I say that I could live in this!

As I briefly mentioned last week, I wound up using Jumping June Textile’s Serenity French Terry for this project – thankfully this print is busy enough that it’s more difficult to see that I cut a few pieces upside down (it’s a directional print). The fabric was great to work with a sewed up beautifully.

The pattern itself came together without a hitch and the directions were easy to follow (but definitely pay attention to casing\inserting the elastic section as it is a little different that other romper patterns). After trying this pattern out, I think an advanced beginner could put this one together with good results.

As for the fit, it’s spot on! I was a little concerned how this was going to look when I was putting it together (it is very full and elongated looking), but the elastic and blousing it when wearing really helps put this look together. Plus I love that its “off the shoulder”, but not so dramatic that you need to be concerned about exposing yourself while wearing it. I can’t see making a ton of these (because it’s a distinct style), I may consider sewing the 3/4″ version (or maybe even the full) in the fall… because I think I’ll still need comfy clothes by then!

The Office

We’ve been in our house for a year now. For the most part we’re pretty settled (I still need to make a few valances and hang more pictures), but the one room that still needed tackling was Bret’s office. I’ve left it alone since it’s his space, but between me complaining about how it looks and the fact he’s been working in it for 4 solid months now, it’s finally time to make it over.

Now that the furniture has been picked out and the color scheme set, it was time to hang some curtains! I had a booger of a time finding anything in retail that would work (other than solid colors), so I headed online to find some material…. it wasn’t an easy task, either. Between the fact that I’m looking for a select colorway (black, gray, red) and that I need a larger scale print that wasn’t a floral, I really limited my options. I did, however, finally find a quilt backing that seemed to fit the bill.

Since this fabric is a quilting type cotton, it’s pretty thin. So, I opted to line it with some black home decor fabric that I picked up from IKEA – it worked perfectly in keeping this fabric from being too sheer and gave it a bit of weight to make it hang better as well. I’ll spare you the rest of the details of this project, although I will say that in end, I decided to add some tabs to the panels. I thought this might make it easier for Bret to open and close the drapes, if needed, and change up the look of the curtains from some of the rest we have in the house. Now I have to draft some valances for the kitchen\living room… have I mentioned how much I dislike home decor sewing?


This week, I decided to tackle some projects that I’ve been wanting to work on for awhile, but were put aside because something new caught my eye. Up first, Ellie & Mac’s Off-Shoulder Romper. For this project, I had decided on a French Terry from So Sew English, but discovered after starting cutting that it had very limited stretch (and wasn’t going to work with this pattern). So I searched my stash and decided to brave it and cut into my Serenity Stretch French Terry from Jumping June Textiles. This was a splurge purchase, but I couldn’t resist it – I just loved the print and colors.

So, for the good news on this project… I eeked out this design with only 1 yard of fabric (I did have to use a solid for the pocket lining)! The bad news? I accidentally cut out several pieces upside down as this is a directional print. I’m hoping that it won’t be too obvious, this is a pretty busy print and I’m hoping it’ll just blend it. I’m just telling myself that it happens in ready to wear and not to pay too much attention to it.

I’ve started stitching this one up, but hope to have it finished in time for the weekend. I’ve got to take advantage of these warm days!

Linky Thursday

This little kitty applique basket is simply adorable. While you’re there checking out the tutorial, be sure to enter to win a copy of the Zakka book it appears in!

These linen shorts will not only keep you cool, but looks good doing it, too.

While it’s not a free tutorial, this blog post is very helpful in learning how to blend pattern sizes.

With more mask mandates happening throughout the country, chances are you’re on the hunt for some new patterns. Style Arc released their own version for adults and children, Patterns for Pirates has a gaiter style with optional ear loops in a wide range of sizes, and Heather Handmade has one just for kids with a neck strap so they do lose it.

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When I first started sewing, one of my first gift projects were quillows for my grandparents. Here’s a tutorial to make your own!

Fiesta Stripe

It’s about ready to rain so the color is off, but hot off the sewing machine is my latest make, a second Sage (this one I’m keeping, you can see my previous version here).

I’ve been hoarding this fiesta stripe double brushed poly from Knitpop for ages (2 years at least) in search for “just the right pattern” and I’m pretty sure that the Sage fits the bill. I made this one in the same size as the last, but I did make the side slit higher, which I love. Surprisingly, I could have even made it larger for a more dramatic effect and it still not be too revealing – I’ll have to remember that if I need a dress like this in the future.

Now I just need someplace to wear it – in a pinch I may just dress up and head to the grocery store in it anyway. This dress has got to make it out of the closet soon!

Tie Dye Crop

After 8 long months (thanks, Covid), our oldest finally had a chance to come visit us. Besides bringing hemming for me to do, she told me how much she enjoyed the previous cropped hoodie I made her (it’s cropped, but not too short)…. which means I had to make more, right?

I let her sift through my fabrics and she picked out a lime\purple\pink tie dye French terry that I had recently bought from SoSewEnglish (the photo doesn’t do the colors justice, they are even brighter in person) to use with George & Ginger’s Teen Spirit Top. The results are adorable… and now I wish I could keep this one for myself… or at least get more of this material! Since I’ve made this one before, I am confident this will fit perfectly and she’s already itching for me to send it to her so she can wear it ASAP.

Linky Thursday

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Some day, we’ll be able to travel again and when we do, I want to be able to take this overnight bag with me.

Not only are these loose knit shorts a great pattern for boys, but they have a huge range of sizes (5-18 years).

It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to show off this interesting Stars and Stripes Quilt.

Box pouches are one of my favorite styles of bags to sew up (they make such great gifts). This version comes in 2 different sizes.

I must be daydreaming about days on the beach because I keep finding great tutorials for Beach Towel (convertible) bags.

Mystery Revealed

Early this week my SoSewEnglish mystery bundle arrived, so I figured it was time for a big reveal as to what was inside!

For starters, I don’t wear a lot of red, it’s not generally the best color for my hair/skintone so at least this bundle isn’t something that I already have in my stash, but this also isn’t my favorite bundle either because of that. With that said, I did get some nice pieces, the top is a stripe (it reminds me of the stripe from my last bundle – similar vibe, but different colorway) that I think would make a great dress (or top, but it really does scream dress). The second is a double brushed poly paisley style print – the colors are great and so is the print, but my daughter kept gushing over this one so I’m guessing I’ll eventually have to make something for her with this. Lastly is a French terry plaid (also very similar in feel to the one in the last bundle). I’m not really sure what to do with this one because, again, the print is pretty large – it may make a good cardigan this fall if I can find a coordinating solid.

If you’ve made it this far, I also wanted to say Thanks to everyone for their support and comments about my mom. As for an update on how she is doing: She had surgery on Monday and it went well. She is currently at a post acute care section of her facility so that she can work with the PT staff there and to quarantine (Her facility is still not accepting outside visitors in an effort to limit Covid exposure. Since she left the facility, they want to be sure she wasn’t exposed in the hospital.). Recovery and therapy has been a challenge, but the past day or two has been much better as staff figure out how to best work with her.