Links for the Weekend

This weekend is National Pretzel Day, celebrate by stitching up one of these fun, pretzel pillows!

Speaking of pillows – have you seen these fun, water blobs for summer?

Have a little girl that loves mermaids? Then she’ll definitely love this pretty, mermaid skirt – the best part about it? It whips up in 30 minutes! Looking for more of a costume? This video tutorial will show you how.

Mother’s Day (in the US) is just a few weeks away. Get a jump start on your gift by stitching up one of these keepsake portrait pillows.

Always wondering what to do with all those scraps you’ve been saving? Make some ruffled oven mitts.

Give stale bread new life. Make bread dough flower rings (this looks really interesting, I’m definitely going to have to try it!).

Making dinner time even more fun: An eye spy placemat. I think everyone in the family should get one of these!

Last year I made a stacking ring toy for my nephew and he loved it. Now you can make your own with this free tutorial.

Learn how to transform a purchased bag into a custom camera bag just by adding inserts. Then whip up a scrappy (camera) strap and make the perfect gift!

Not only is this bucket bag a pretty way to stash you goodies, it has lots of pocket room too!

Teacher appreciation week is right around the corner. Show your child’s instructor(s) some love with this sweet coin purse.

Add your own personal touch to your garden when you stitch up a custom garden flag.

When you travel, it’s important to have your liquids in clear bags. Who says that yours can’t be pretty too? Learn how to sew up these TSA style pouches for your next trip.

Wondering what to do with a lone clip on earring? Transform it into a pretty bracelet in less than 15 minutes.

Speak your mind on a custom chalkcloth pillow.

Birthday Briefs

04-birthdayNormally on a Thursday, I’m posting “Linky Thursday” but seeing that the morning is almost over, I thought it might be best to save all the great projects until tomorrow. You see, I was a bit distracted this morning…. this guy turned 7 (he is sporting his new Captain America hoodie with a built in mask – note to self: this is a totally cool idea, I need to figure this out and add this to my next kid hoodie project).

I did manage to finish up a project too: Jalie 3242, the boxer briefs. I have no idea why I never made this style before – not only were there only 2 pieces to this pattern, but it was an incredibly easy and fast to sew. In fact, it was such a fun sew, I made 2 pair to test out some different fabrics: one pair with 2-way stretch (the mustachio print) and one pair with 4-way. I’m anxious to see what he thinks are most comfortable, but in the mean time, I think I’m going to have to test out the briefs pattern, too! Here are the finished pairs – aren’t they adorable?


Embroidered Butterflies

04-butterfliesThe thing I love about embroidery is that you can change up the threads to match your project, meet your design needs, or just play with colors. I am notoriously bad at not using the suggested thread list – sometimes it works out….. sometimes I find myself stitching out the design several times until I get the right look. Yesterday was the later (ignore placement markings, I’ve run out of the eraser for my Sewline marker), but I’m happy that I (finally) found the look I was after. Now to stitch it up on the ‘real’ project this afternoon!

NOTE: For those that are interested, the design is Urban Thread’s Flight & Dark Butterflies – Corner. Even though this is marked as ‘light stitching’, I found that it is actually quite dense in spots (at least for the smallest size), so be sure to stabilize accordingly.

Perfecting the Pattern

04-testerFor me, one of the hardest parts of creating tutorials is the pattern itself. I generally have an idea in mind as to the dimensions\shape\fit, but sometimes executing them takes a lot of trial and error. Much of yesterday was spent perfecting a pattern for Creative Machine Embroidery (it will appear Jan\Feb 2016) – and I’m pretty sure that I finally have exactly what I want….. now if I can get the embroidery design stitched out in the ‘perfect’ location(s)! I can’t wait until I can show you the finished project!

Prom Gown

04-promLast week may have been the definition of ‘hectic’. Not only did we have a remodel going on, but it was also filled with appointments, meetings, and even bigger than that: Prom.

I did not make Taylor’s dress this year (but thought I would share it because I know we all appreciate seeing the dresses). There was no way I could have either found this material nor wanted to work with it – there was so much beading (the entire bodice was beaded) and so many sequins to deal with I’m sure that I would have made myself crazy sewing this dress up.  Thankfully it fit well and didn’t need alterations (although, admittedly, it could have been hemmed an inch or so) so my work for prom was limited. Now a dress for graduation (which needs to be white because of the white cap\gown) is a completely different story!



For being almost 7, I have a very opinionated son when it comes to clothing. Recently, while shopping online, Easton spotted mustachio fabric and convinced me we needed it…. for underwear. He had seen some at a clothing store (for boys) and wanted a pair just like it.



Consequently, I’ve decided on Jalie 3242 and intend on stitching up the boxer brief. One thing I should note is that the pattern calls for 4-way stretch and my pattern only has 2-way. I asked what would happen if I went ahead and used it anyway and was told that the finished underwear would just be a tad shorter than intended – I can live with that! Actually, I’m thrilled because so many of the novelty prints that I would use with this pattern doesn’t have 4-way stretch.

Linky Thursday

What a brilliant idea – a nap in a bag! All your necessities (blanket, pillow) in a coordinating duffel! It might even be small enough to stash in an office desk drawer!

An adjustable apron from big and little chefs!

April Showers? No worries, learn how you can make your own umbrella.

Nautical themed rooms are hot again this year. Bring in a bit of the sea to your living are with a fun starfish shaped pillow.

Get two bags for the price of one when you stitch up this fun, reversible tote.

These drawstring bags are a pretty way to wrap gifts or just stash all of your goodies.

Perfect for reading nooks, playing video games, or just a comfy spot to sit: Floor Pillows that can match your decor!

You’ve seen them on tv: plush pillows that attach to your seatbelt so you can get comfy (and no stiff neck) during road trips. Now you can learn how to make them here.

Stitch up a pretty little wallet with great pintuck details. Never sewn pintucks? Have no fear, this tutorial is also a video to help walk you through all the steps!

Beautiful embroidery doesn’t have to be limited to fabric. Learn how to make your own note cards here.

Looking for a quick baby gift or have a teether in your house? These drool bibs aren’t just functional, they’re pretty too!

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Despicable Me to use this pincushion because this minion is too darn cute not to have in your sewing room!

Inspiration Turned Reality

04-capprileggingHot off the sewing machine (hence the terrible photo): The Ooh La Leggings (you can read more about my inspiration and costs here)!

I think the thing I like best about this pattern is that it is really different than any other legging I’ve sewn – it leaves a lot of room to play with fabrics (in this case I used a contrasting material for the interior part of the legs) and looks flattering on. Because there are several curved seams to deal with, I would highly recommend having some sewing experience before tackling this.

The fit is great and the leggings are comfortable to wear. I did have to shave off 1″ on the hem so that they looked more like capris on me and I really wish the rise was lower. In the photo I have my pants squished down (hence the funky bubble on my hipline) right at my belly button where it feels more comfortable, but if I wear them as I should, they hit me 1″ above where my belly button is… and I’m longer waisted. Next time I’ll have to make an adjustment in this area so it’s not so large. My other complaint? I never could find how much elastic I needed – as far as I could tell, there wasn’t even a mention of measuring the elastic at your waistline before sewing it in the round.

Otherwise, I highly recommend this pattern – it’s definitely different than anything I own and my daughter has already attempted to wear them (so you know it’s a winner)!

VS Inspired

04-yogainspirationBesides their lingerie, Victoria Secret is probably best known for their active wear (specifically ‘yoga pants’). The last time I was shopping there, I noticed a new line of pants\crops that used a performance knit – it feels and wears heavenly. I broke down and payed the outrageous price for a fun, heathered gray pair and they have quickly become one of my favorites. I have now learned I don’t have to pay that much for them again!

You see, while shopping at Joann’s, I stumbled across some of their performance knit (I was fortunate enough to have a 60% off coupon) – it has the exact look and feel as the VS fabrics and my store had a wide range of solids and heathered prints to chose from. Since a lot of the current stylings has contrasting fabrics (as seen on the left), I’ve decided to finally crack open PaperCut Pattern’s Ooh La Leggings – using a solid on the exterior and a heathered teal on the inside of the legs. Here’s the breakdown of this project’s costs:

Pattern: Papercut Pattern’s Ooh La Leggings

Fabric: Performance Knit from Joann’s

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $18.00
Fabric……. $6.10
Notions…. stash

Total $24.10

Third Time Is A Charm

04-animacapriAnyone remember Zubaz’s (the crazy pants that were popular in the 80’s? Not to be confused with Zumba the fitness dancing). Well, my latest Anima kind of reminds me of them. The crazy thing? I kind of like these pants.

This is the same french terry (different color) that I used to make the Anima shorts. I made the same modifications  however, I sewed up the capri length version and used a white jersey for the contrasting bands and waistband. I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of my original pair, but somehow this one works for me – that or joggers have finally grown on me enough that I don’t mind wearing them.

Overall, I’m finally pleased with the end results of this pattern! Apparently, the third time IS a charm!