Linky Thursday on Friday

Need a new top? Download Seamwork’s York for free.

One of the hottest, casual looks for summer can be yours free. Learn how to download the free pom pom short pattern here.

Want an eye catching blanket for your next picnic? Then be sure to check out this fun watermelon version.

Can’t get enough watermelon? Be sure to check out this pencil case\zippered pouch tutorial and watermelon pincushion!

Make a maxi dress with an interesting backside. The Sewing Rabbit shows you how in this cross back maxi tutorial.

If vacation plans are in your future you’ll want to distinguish your bag from everyone else’s. These luggage tags are a pretty (and easy) way to do that! For a different shape, try this version here.

One yard of fabric can make a gorgeous hobo bag.

I never thought I would ever say this, but I want to make my own shoes. I am in love with these wedge espadrillas after seeing this tutorial on how to stitch them up.

No more tablecloths flying away in the wind or moved by little hands tugging on the ends. Learn how to make a stay-put version here.

Baby its hot outside. Learn how to draft your own shorts and keep cool.

Has Pokemon Go fever hit your house? Learn how to make an adorable Pikachu plush from a sock.

Learn how to make an absolutely gorgeous Fox Quilt.

These zippy little pouches aren’t just fun to carry around, they look fun to make as well!

Add a pretty poof to your living room.

A hot pad that looks like a sewing machine? I’m in!

Mini Travel Checkerboard

Have summer travel plans, but don’t know how to keep the kids (or maybe even the adults) entertained on the long car ride? If this sounds like you, then you’ll definitely want to check out my latest project for WeAllSew – a Mini Travel Checkerboard!


This project finishes as a 12″ square and features a pocket on the back for game piece storage. Best of all it doesn’t take up much room so you don’t have to worry about storage when it’s not in use. Be sure to check out a few other game ideas that can be played on this board before you head out the door.

Desert Breeze

07-desertbreezeThis weekend I get to see one of my teenage dream bands, Duran Duran. Nothing motivates me more to get sewing than a ‘big event’, so I burned the midnight oil last night and whipped up a pattern that I’ve been long talking about, Striped Swallow’s Desert Breeze.

I had purchased this pattern back in May because I was totally attracted to the cut-out shoulder look and because it had lots of style variations. For my version, I opted to make a flutter sleeve top with (straight) bindings. My bust\upper bust measurements put me in a medium which is what I wound up cutting out. As for the fabric, I decided that this top had such a Boho feel, that I should use a pretty floral with lots of drape – so I opted to use rose\pink floral jersey that I received in September’s KnitFix (I also used a portion of this print in the E.N.U.F. recon project).

Overall the instructions were easy to follow (and there were plenty of good photos to help you through a step if you were unsure) and things came together fairly well. The fit, however, is HUGE. I understand part of it is just the style, but I could have easily cut a small and still had a lot of ease in this (in fact, I went back and took in the sides and the finished top should now roughly measure the small…. and it still has plenty of ease!). The top is also extraordinarily long. In fact it is so long that when I put on a pair of shorts, it looked like I wasn’t wearing any pants…. so I replaced the 1/2″ hem with a 1 1/4″.

The end result? Taylor said that it’s adorable and she’s borrowing it after I wear it this weekend. Me? I’m still on the fence – the oversized boho look is a little out of my comfort zone, but there’s something about it that I like. I plan on pairing this up with a pair of camp shorts and sparkly sandals to jam the night away.


07-cuddleOf course during the most tropical-feeling part of the year (I’m ready for this humidity to end), I decide to work with the hottest of all fabrics….. fleece.

While I can’t show you the entire project just yet, I can say this:

  • It’s “kid approved” because Easton wanted one too.
  • It’s quick to sew, you can make this particular item in an afternoon. It is also makes for a great beginner project, too.
  • Swifter lies when it says it picks up fuzz with ease…. mine just chased around velvet soft cuddle lint across the floor. I liked cutting on carpet so I could trap the mess in one area and just vacuum it up.
  • My neighbor’s yard may have been dusted with bright colored fuzzies after shaking off all the excess from these projects!

What did everyone else work on this weekend?


On The Go Bags – A Review

07-onthegoWith joining the Bag Of The Month Club, I’ve been daydreaming a lot about bags. So when I saw On The Go Bags recently came out, I immediately put it on my wishlist. I finally broke down and and picked it up because I decided that I needed a KAVU style sling bag which looks a lot like the one that is one the book cover.

While I like the Sporty Strap Pack (the cover bag), there’s not much else that really excited me about this title. Many of the projects inside are totes (gym, baby bag, tablet case) and organizers (for your minivan, toiletries while traveling, stroller) and seem pretty light on purses (or maybe purses that I want to make? I certainly know my husband isn’t going to be asking for the Man Clutch and the Airport Sling is similar to a pattern that I already own). Considering some of the designers involved with this project, I was really underwhelmed with the results – I really was hoping for designs that were similar to what they create for their own pattern line-ups.

It’s not to say that there’s not positive things about this book. The projects are broken into beginner\intermediate\advanced categories so this book can appeal to any skill set. The instructions look well written and from what I can tell, the projects don’t call for “special” (i.e. something that you need to order online to complete) notions or materials. Plus there really is a variety of projects inside, it’s just a shame that most of these projects don’t appeal more to me.

The Bottom Line: Glance through the projects in the book before you buy it to be sure that there’s enough you want to make out of it. Otherwise, it might not be worth the money.

Linky Thursday

Have you (or your family) gotten caught up in the Pokemon Go craze? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial for sewing a pokeball pillow.

Hot days call for pretty summer tanks like the Tiered Tank or Pam Top patterns.

Learn how to make a rope bag that looks so professional, no one will believe you created it yourself.

I can’t help myself, I love all the raglan patterns! Especially when you cross a raglan design with a maxi style dress!

Perfect for date night – this Elegance Pleated Clutch. Looking for something more casual? Check out this zippered, crossbody purse instead!

Not only would these double gauze burp cloths be super soft, they would make a very elegant baby gift as well!

Kids love to play with pretend foods. Get a head start on sewing up a pantry with this felt banana tutorial. I’m thinking this would also make a very interesting\conversational pincushion, too.

Get ready for back to school. Whip up a few of these pencil cases to stash in everyone’s backpacks.

Learn how to sew a custom garment bag – just in time for your summer vacation.

These fish bags are so cute, they might just make laundry fun.

Up Next: Cold Shoulder

Oh summer, I had such lofty goals for you! With one month left (and 5 days) before school starts, I thought I would have been so much more productive by now. Instead, it’s the baby steps I’m celebrating.

Today’s small step? I managed to cut out material for one of my next projects, the Cold Shoulder project that I mentioned yesterday! I decided to go with the Gray black lattice cotton spandex from Girl Charlee’s May Knitfix.


Not only do I think that it should be a striking combo (the picture washed out the colors quite a bit), but I figured that I had better use up some of my previous month’s fabrics before I buy the one that comes out today. Now to find the time to sew!



Sew All The Things

07-sewallthethingsWhy is it when you are at your busiest, you’re also the most creative? With a bunch of deadlines approaching the next few weeks, I find myself with lots of ideas (a.k.a. sew all the things).  It started when Deepika posted her review of Burda Style Magazine’s “Cold Shoulder Top”…. and I decided I had to sew it. So far, I have only gotten to the tracing part, which was a good reminder why I stopped using these patterns… so much tracing and adding seam\hem allowances that it sucks the fun out of the project for me. However, tracing the Burda pattern prompted me to print off the Desert Breeze (another off-the-shoulder look), a pattern that I purchased this summer, so I can compare the two styles.

07-coldshoulderSeeing that I may be sewing up two new tops soon, I decided that I needed a new purse too…. so I went through all my purse patterns and narrowed it down to a few that I need to sew (included in the mix was Swoon’s latest purse from the Bag of the Month Club, Emmaline Handbag’s Gabby, and Swoon’s Brooklyn Handbag (I am itching to use glitter vinyl and my new rivet hole punch and setter)….. did I mention that I have the Necessary Clutch Wallet cut out and ready to sew too? Somewhere along in there, I also discovered that I didn’t own Jalie 3024 and decided I needed it to make a few dresses before summer is over and that I still have the Agility Tank Swimsuit to make before the pool closes down for the summer (mid-August when the kids go back to school)!

The moral of the story? If you ever feel like you are in a creative slump, just start creating deadlines for yourself and you’ll find that you’re starting to burst with ideas!

Linky Thursday

Keep cool and look stylish – make one of these adorable swing dresses. Need something a little dressier? Be sure to check out this free date night pattern, instead.

This school house box is an adorable way to hold sticky notes.

These lacy trimmed shorts are perfect for a summer beach look.

A quilt that’s perfect for road trips…. check out this impressive Map Quilt.

These little bags have clear windows, making them ideal for holding small notions.

This wristlet has plenty of pockets and zippered pockets to stash your belongings while you’re on the go.

Another pretty look for the summer in a trendy boho design. While you’re on the site, be sure to check out this fun beach dress made by the same designer.

This summer sling bag is a great way to carry all your belongings while traveling or just as your next everyday look.

Don’t leave for the farmer’s market or grocery store without sewing up a few of these produce bags.

Bring back the art of writing letters by giving one of these patchwork Stationary Kits.

Protest your shades with this simple sunglass case.

Another fun kimono pattern that’s great to wear with just about everything.


Fabric Disappointment

cuttingThis past week, I worked diligently on  project that will appear on WeAllSew very soon. This is something that I’ve been knocking around in my brain for awhile now, so it is fun to see it finally come to life.

In the mean time, some of the fabrics I had on order also arrived and proved that sometimes material can look better on the internet than what they do in real life. While the Paris In White Panel is awesome, the Faux Glitter Swim is a huge disappointment. This digital print looks ‘bright’ and golden in the photo, but in real life looks like a Minecraft Sand Block…. even Easton asked what it was supposed to be. I think that this material is going in the stash and will eventually wind up being a muslin fabric – I can’t think of anything else to do with it at the moment.